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Sandy Newman

Guitar & Vocals

From the early sixties, Sandy Newman had nothing much more in his mind than becoming a performer.


Being the youngest in his family exposed him to a wide variety of music via his elder sisters and brother, and all of the music was soaked up like a sponge to later form a ground knowledge of the energy surrounding the Sixties explosion.


Joining a band at 14 years old as the “baby”, Sandy started performing in pubs (where he wasn’t supposed to be!) and later gravitated to clubs and community centres.


This led to his first serious band “Candy Floss”, and this outfit had some veterans of the Glasgow/London scene which moved Sandy’s knowledge into a higher bracket.


Throughout his late school years and beyond, he continued to grow as the singer/ lead guitarist with “Candy Floss” until being headhunted for what was Scotland’s top group at that time, “The Chris McClure Section”.


Touring all over the UK for the next four and a half years led to a record deal with CBS records, and it was then Sandy met with members of Marmalade at promotional events for the label with both bands promoting their product.


In late 1973 when members of Marmalade had moved on to new ventures, Sandy had a call to be involved in the band and since then has been the singer/ lead guitarist.


In 1976 success came in the form of a new record deal with the first single “Falling Apart At The Seams” entering the charts in many territories worldwide.


Having worked with and alongside almost everyone from the Sixties and Seventies, Sandy continues to front the band and perform all over the world.